Why E-newsletters?

How can using E-newsletters help your business grow?

Q: Why should I use email to talk to my customers?

A: Email can cost half of the cost of direct mail. For example, if a direct mailer costs $200 for a designer to create, $165 US mail, $200 printed postcards, your total cost could be well over $650. An E-Newsletter costs $15/month for a list of under 500 to communicate the same message.

Q: OK. It's cheaper than direct mail, but what sort of results can I see?

A: You can track who reads your E-Newsletter by looking at the statistics right after it goes out. That way you can identify the hot prospects. Our clients routinely see 20-30% read rates or on occasion up to 100%—try that with direct mail!

Q: Why is everyone doing it?

A: It's part of a complete marketing strategy. It's a passive way to touch your clients and prospects 7 times.

Q: Why should I market to my existing clients? They already know about my products and services?

A: Existing clients spend 60% more than new clients. Take our advice: Don't talk to strangers.

Q: Can E-Newsletters increase traffic to my website?

A: Yes! Readers can click on links and go directly to your website.

Q: How often should I send out my E-Newsletter?

A: That depends on how often you would like to send it AND how often your readers would like to receive it. In any case, we always recommend that you let your readers/subscribers know up front how often they will be receiving it.

Q: How do I find out more about E-Newsletter basics and how to get started?

A: Attend our monthly free teleclass on E-Newsletters (pre-registration is required).

Q: I'm ready. How do I learn how to create my own E-Newsletters?

A: Contact us today to sign up for our monthly in person E-Newsletter how-to/do-it-yourself class.

Christine took our marketing to a new level.
—Carlton Soohoo, Founder & Chief Possibility Officer, Center for Entrepreneurial Growth

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