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It's common lore in the sales industry that you need to "touch your prospects" at least SEVEN times before they buy from you.  You also need to touch them every 30 days to keep top of mind. Electronic newsletters are one of the most easy and effective ways to get your message to your clients, prospects, networking contacts, and partners on a regular basis.

Previously, "professional looking" E-Newsletters required mastery of complex software combined with graphic design talent. Let us help you with your E-newsletter.

We offer you E-Newsletter packages for your business:

Business Growth: We show you how to create the E-Newsletter yourself

Attend a training session where you will learn how to build your own e-mail database, create your own electronic newsletter and track the results.  This package is for those who would like to "do-it-yourself".

Dates and locations may vary. Visit our seminars and events page for scheduled sessions or call Christine at the number shown below.

2 hour group class - Plus 30 minutes of consultation to jump-start your newsletter.

Maximum Impact: We show you exactly what you need to know to create E-Newsletters for your business

Work one on one with Christine. You will learn how to build your own e-mail database, create your own electronic newsletter specifically targeted at your market, and track the results.This package provides customized training for your particular needs. Previous participants have mastered the extraction of emails and contact information from databases like ACT!, scanned in files, adjusted photos, posted images to websites, included corporate logos, adjusted colors and more.

Call us to schedule your session or sessions.

1:1 Consulting to get your newsletter on its way.

Production Assistance: We work side-by-side with you to create the 1st edition of your E-Newsletter

Do you just need a boost to get you started? Do you need someone to help you find a format that works for what you want to say to your audience? Do you need help with the writing? Do you need someone to format your images? Do you know what an image size of 100 x 100 means? Do you want to delegate exporting e-mail addresses from your contact manager, such as Outlook™, ACT!™, Excel™, hardcopy, or business cards and importing your e-mail addresses into Constant Contact™?

Do you need someone to proof your content or organize your database?  We'll work together with you (in person, or over the telephone) to create the newsletter and build your customer database. You provide the content and direction. We provide the training you need so that after this first time, you'll be able to create your own future editions. This package is for those who want more personal attention beyond the classroom training of the Business Growth package.

Premium: We create the E-Newsletter for you on a regularly scheduled basis

If you prefer to focus on other aspects of your business delegate the task of sending out your E-Newsletter to us. You provide the content or the concept and we will create the newsletter for your business on a regular basis.  We use your design and your brand. Don't let your customers forget about you! This package represents the highest level of creative design input for your E-Newsletter on an ongoing basis.

Additional Marketing Services

E-mail is just one method of marketing your business. We also offer our expertise in these other areas:

  • Ghost writing
  • Proofing/Editing
  • Data Scrubbing
  • List Management
  • SEO
  • Website Review
  • Website Design
  • Surveys
  • Logo Design
  • Public relations
  • Direct mail
  • Training, education
  • 360 Degree panoramic photography
  • Marketing Materials
  • Business Cards
  • Fliers
  • Advertising
  • Customer Experience Consulting

Call Christine at the number below so she can understand what you really need and she can suggest ways to make your business grow.


Christine showed us how to keep in touch with our clients and prospects for 1/2 the cost of sending out direct mail.

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